Saturday, 9 March 2013

”How can I be that kind of Muslimah...."

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Dear sister

When you say to a Muslimah : “be pure, be chaste! Be committed to your Hijab and Deen, preserve your heart for your husband!”
She would say:”how can I be that kind of Muslimah?!
Don’t you see all these girls around me not wearing Hijab?! Don’t you see all these girls around me having boyfriends?! I am really tired of trying to be different from them?! It is difficult to choose the opposite path as them!”
This is the answer for that :” dear sister, you said you are tired to be different and that it is difficult to follow the right path and you’re absolutely right! Who told you Jannah is for free any way? We must all work hard to have it… The reward will be so precious!
read this Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) :” there are indeed ahead of you days that require patience. Whoever is patient during those days will be like someone holding to a burning coal. And the one who does this from them will have the reward of fifty men who do what he is doing.” The Companions asked: “Messenger of Allah, the reward of fifty of those with him?” He said: “The reward of fifty of you.”“
(Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidzi, and Ibn Majah)
From this Hadith we can realize that the more it’s difficult to stay on the right path the more the reward will be bigger! As much diffulties you face in obeying your Lord as much as you will get rewarded!
We can do it sister! Jannah is so precious and it really worth every second of tiredness and difficulties!
Believe me, that Day will come, when we will be all in Jannah (in shaa Allah) and we remember our days in Dunya and how much we struggled to win a place in Jannah and we would say:”Alhamdulilah, all that Jihad of nafs, all that tiredness and stress didn’t go for nothing, indeed every single second in Jannah really worth it!”

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